Converting BigCommerce Rules to SKUs

In 2016 BigCommerce altered the admin console to move much of the option definition functionality from being Rules-based to be SKU-based. A different price or weight for an option now needs to be entered under the SKU tab rather than the Rules tab.

This change was a welcome one. It fixes an issue in BigCommerce where data updates through the BigCommerce API were unnecessarily complex as the SKU could not be relied upon to access the values related to a specific option.

The Goldfish Group has just finished work for one of our clients (The Boat Warehouse) to convert over 10,000 Rules to SKUs by script. This is a one-off migration since the BigCommerce admin console now prevents price and weight data from being added to a Rule, so any new products will be set up correctly against an SKU.

BigCommerce sites that have completed this data migration benefit from easier maintenance of price and other option-based data as these tasks can be scripted. This enables them to be more responsive to events such as a supplier price change and other influences on a product’s selling price, weight or barcode, etc.

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